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Main » 2012 » April » 6 » ExoDus Info!
2:37 PM
ExoDus Info!
ExoDus Info.


ExoDus is a very active group of Guys started by our co-Founders:

If ever you have questions about anything please feel free to get in contact with either one of us.

Platoon info:
Currently we are in a building phase, as you can possibly see by the website....... either way though we feel it is necessary to put out some info to you guys and to our new recruits.

The new Fragged Nation season starts April 10th this weekend we will be testing out a new four man team. Money and D-Ron will apart of this team. The other two guys will be announced after this weekend. If the new team doesn't start right up at the beginning of the season, that's okay! You can start playing anytime during the season.

Our plans for the future are fairly simple. We want to build a savage 12 man team capable of playing any game mode. We plan to accomplish this by working at the squad level. if we get a squad of four guys set up that play well and are comfortable with each other than the 12 man Platoon should fall into place.

I will be making a tactic forum soon. This forum will be private so if you're not a registered user on the website you won't be able to view this.

Alright guys I think that clears up what we plan to do now let me go into what each of your leaders do.

Chris is his name, his primary job in the Platoon is setting up affiliations with other Clans (Matches and what not) his other duties are as follows:
•Website management (so if you have problems with the site contact him)
•Tactical development.
•Fragged Nation Liaison
•Strategic Battle Coordinator
•Run-N-Gun Expert
•He is one fourth of the Fantastic Four (our primary Squad on FN)

Call him Saint. His primary job is to keep people in check. In a way you could say he is the muscle of the clan. If you're doing something stupid he will be the first to tell you Example: Spawn camping, unwarranted Shit talk, and anything else that makes ExDs look bad. His other duties are as follows:
•Web Development
•Server construction
•Tactical development
•Run-N-Gun Expert
•One fourth of the Fantastic Four

Call him Goose or Vicious. His primary job is to help you guys understand the game A bit more. What does this mean?? Well he is GOOD he also understand the game...... not just how to get kills, which is AWESOME!!! But he also understands how to win the game modes. If you have questions about game modes ask him. His other duties are as follows:
•Personel Trainer
•Weapon Director (class use during game)
•Tactial Development
•Supporting Leader
•Run-N-Gun Expert
•One Fourth of the Fantastic Four
Call him.......... Pappa........... His primary job is Tactical Development 4 man squad. He will help your squads with how to move from objective to objective.
•Kill Stealer
•Support Fire Expert
•Run-N-Gun Expert
•One Fourth of the Fantastic Four
Alright Guys this should give a clear idea of what ExoDus is all about. Welcome New Recruits!
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Remember if you wear the tag you are representing ExoDus. Help us display a good image or you will be hearing from me.. cool

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