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For those who haven’t seen we had a merger with dream team. Please help me to welcome our new members, including our new leader Dream_Buddha! Here are the current squads(will be edited as more players join) Make sure you add your squad mates and start working! Here they are:



General XxJiizzxX

Captain Buddha

Rank System:

Ranks will be decided by how much you put into the clan. This means attendance, performance, leadership, and anything else that helps the clan out. You can apply for ranks by messaging a leader and we will set an interview for the position.

Generals:  These guys call the shots. They will keep everything organized and do what is best for the team.

Captains:  High ranking leader that has admin to server/website/BL. He will have a major say in overall operations.

Lieutenant: These guys are the Squad Leaders. They will do their best to keep their squad informed, and performing at a high level.

Warrant Officers: Low ranking officer that will have recruiting and other responsibilities.

Sergeants: Squad members ready for battle.

Private: Newer members looking to prove themselves.

Ranks will be coming out soon! We will be appointing squad leaders, and giving responsibilities like server admin, recruiter etc.


** Keep checking the forum for this post as that is where it will be updated**




Views: 120025 | Added by: SAlNTnSOLDlER | Date: 2012-05-03 | Comments (974)
Alright Fellas, server renewal is tomorrow. Here is an update on where we stand.

Currently we have one donation of 4 dollars. We need a min of $26 for the one month renewal. I will do my best to match donations so currently we have 8 dollars towards tomorrows renewal, leaving us with only $18 more to raise! C'mon guys any help is welcomed. I am starting to feel discouraged by our dedication so lets turn it around.


Views: 1418 | Added by: SAlNTnSOLDlER | Date: 2012-04-27 | Comments (1)
Hope you inhalers enjoy your day! I wish I didn't work but you know I will be celebrating. So kick back, light a zag, and chill!

Views: 4006 | Added by: SAlNTnSOLDlER | Date: 2012-04-20 | Comments (2)
This weekend we have a few battles set. Here they are:

1) 2D Combat 9 est Sat
  1. Grand Bazar
  2. Operation Firestorm
  3. Seine Crossing
2) Thunder Chickens 11 est Sat
  1. Damavand Peak
  2. Kharg Island
  3. Seine Crossing
3) Expendables 7 est Sun
  1. Damavand Peak
  2. Kharg Island
  3. Seine Crossing
If you can not attend a match due to the time, what time can you? We can always try a change request. Also are you guys good with this amount of matches or should we look for more?
Views: 576 | Added by: SAlNTnSOLDlER | Date: 2012-04-19 | Comments (6)
Good Job Tonight ExoDus Savages won our first match of the season. 6-2!!
Views: 569 | Added by: Cgordon4356 | Date: 2012-04-11 | Comments (0)
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