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BF3 Stats

Cgordon4356 AKA Chris I have been playing FPS for about 8 years. It all started with Socom, which is where I earned my stripes (per say) in the tactical shooting community. Some of my most favorite things to do is......... to Rape people. I love playing with the Fantastic Four which consist of the leaders of ExDs. Exodus is a our clan that we have put together for you. If you have any questions, concerns, complaints, or anything that seems important to you. please don't hesitate to contact any one of us.

My style of playing style is Run-N-Gun. I will help any of our members become better players whether it be through coaching or constant guidance, please remember tho I am NOT YOUR BABYSITTER!!! Alright guys that is me I hope to see you on the BattleField!

BF3 Stats
SAlNTnSOLDlER AKA Saint, Alex. I have been playing shooters ever sense I upgraded my Nintendo to PS1. Back in the day I played a large variety of games, and participated in many clans. One of my more notable ones would be Rainbow Six Vegas, in which a buddy and myself made a clan called Ethiopian Wolf Pack (clan that started on Saints Row where all of our guys were starved black men). My clan experience doesn’t stop there however; I also have a lot of ladder experience being on both RSV and Greg Hastings Paintball on Game Battles.

My role in this platoon is simple; I am one of the Co-Founding leaders that will help with all clan politics. My other roles include platoon finances, server maintenance, and making sure that our platoon is displayed the way we want it to be. This does mean that you may find some of the things I say make me look like a dick. I assure you that if I am saying something that it is necessary. I try to be nice at first but I know many of us can be stubborn so if I have to pound it in your head, trust me I will be blunt. As for in game you can find me rolling with the fantastic four you see here, showing my run-n-gun specialties.
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