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Main » 2012 » April » 19 » This Weekends Battles
1:02 PM
This Weekends Battles
This weekend we have a few battles set. Here they are:

1) 2D Combat 9 est Sat
  1. Grand Bazar
  2. Operation Firestorm
  3. Seine Crossing
2) Thunder Chickens 11 est Sat
  1. Damavand Peak
  2. Kharg Island
  3. Seine Crossing
3) Expendables 7 est Sun
  1. Damavand Peak
  2. Kharg Island
  3. Seine Crossing
If you can not attend a match due to the time, what time can you? We can always try a change request. Also are you guys good with this amount of matches or should we look for more?
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Yo I prolly wont make it to this early ass battle against the expendables. Talk to them and see if we can move it to later say 9:30

im in

Also DOB posted they are looking for many matches this weekend, we could see if they want another.

I will be available for all 3 as well. We will have a good break between matches on Saturday to practice for that match, but I will be there only 30 minutes early for the 2d match. We also received a challenge from quintic devastation. Em pretty sure they are really good, but two of the maps are highway and metro, so we could iron our highway a little and put up a hell of a fight.

As for Kharg this is what I think:

Defense: We start with the spread defense, I feel goose and I should switch. I will be the spotter/ long shot and goose will cover left to see how that works.

If that were to start breaking down in a low ticket situation, we could go to the funnel play to finish them off. One mass one rifle on each stair.

Attacking: Try the sneak play off the bat, 1 spawn in and the rest spawn on him( if he spawned on right wait it is easier for one to sneak by rather than the whole team). We could think about a spawn beacon on that left side if one of us is willing and able to go P90, or after the first run switch to the two man play.

The water play on the second one has to be recon before executing. If it needs to be called off we have to do so and quickly move to the two man play.

That's what I think for that one and I haven't put much thought into crossing yet.

I agree man! I couldnt have said it better myself. Also you saw it play out last night. I also think that if we get down to say 5 tickets we should retreat to the building and cover the stairs..... maybe even 8 tickets.

I am cool with playing DOB... Quantic is VERY GOOD!

Also I will role P90 on Kharg if we want to try it.

I am able to play them all. We should work on a game plan for Grand Bazzar and Crossing since we really dont have anything ironed out. Also we should talk about which game plan we are going to use for Kharg. And iron out who is going where on Demavand Peak.

ummmm random Practice saturday before the match. Everyone should attend who is playing in the match.

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